As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, EVE Vegas 2020 would not have been possible to put on in this way without the help of some incredibly experienced people. This truly has been an effort from across the game, and we would like to take a moment to thank all of our committee partners.

Hyprviper, from Goonswarm Federation, Vegas Coordinator

Raiden Harmann and Ms Moses, of StreamFleet fame (


Rixx Javix, founder of the Eveoganda blog and CEO of Stay Frosty. ( (


Greygal, who runs Redemption Road (


L2azor Clear, CEO of Mostly Snuggly (


Dirk Stetille, from the Imperium News Network (


Graydor, from Pandemic Horde


Bo Hunt, of KarmaFleet’s Recruitment Team


Kodiz, From Alcoholocaust. (TEST)

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